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Orion mPulse™ Permanent Jewelry Welder (Basic ADL with Black Stylus)

Orion mPulse™ Permanent Jewelry Welder (Basic ADL with Black Stylus)

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The Orion mPulse permanent jewelry welder from Sunstone is the welder of choice among happy permanent jewelry artists everywhere. With more than 100 million welds and 18 years of proven dependability, more permanent jewelry artists weld with the Orion mPulse than any other brand. And here’s why: 

  • Front-facing Stylus and Ground Ports 

  • Black Stylus
  • Even Longer Stylus Length - 72 inches
  • 3 Ground Ports
  • Adaptive Footprint—Place horizontally or Vertically 

  • Resigned Stylus for Unmatched Durability 

  • Tru-Fire Technology™ Inside  

  • 1-30 Joule Power Range; 1-15 in 0.5 Joule Increments and 15-30 in 1 Joule Increments

  • Built-in Power Supply 

  • Advanced Digital Touchscreen Display 

  • 14 Software Backgrounds 

  • Updatable Software 

  • 3-Year Warranty 

  • Made in the USA

  • US-based Customer Service

  • Certified Safe 



For closing jump rings and fine chain, the Orion mPulse pulse arc welder for permanent jewelry leaves a rich, smooth weld. You’ll love the premium quality you’ll find in this welder, from the software to the stylus, all geared to deliver the best welding experience possible. Your customers will notice the difference! 


The Orion mPulse provides easier access to cable ports by placing the stylus and grounding ports on the front of the welder. You can connect the stylus and the ground quickly.  


For remote events, you can match the Orion mPulse’s footprint to your table setup by choosing to place the welder horizontally or vertically. The power supply is built into the welder for easier cable management.  


A digital touchscreen display makes learning and using the Orion mPulse easier than ever. Add flair to your pop-up display by choosing from 14 exciting backgrounds and  wrap your Orion mPulse in one of many different vinyl skins, only available from Sunstone. 


The Orion mPulse includes Tru-Fire Technology™, which greatly reduces misfires and improves welding consistency. Only the Orion mPulse provides advanced power precision with its Dual Zone Power Range™, which provides more accurate power selection from 1 to 15 joules. 


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